Norton's Hollow - Fall Fun for the Family!

Norton's Hollow is open daily weather permitting.

Q:What is Norton's Hollow?

A: Norton's Hollow is our fall season play area designed for children ages 2 - 10. It has straw mazes, corn bundle tunnel, animals to feed, picnic tables, a straw mountian and other activities.

Q:When does Norton's Hollow OPEN and CLOSE for the SEASON?
A: The Hollow will be open mid September and will be open through Oct. 30th. The Hollow is open every day in the fall (weather permitting). If is is raining or there is a possibility of rain we need to cover all the straw and close the Hollow for safety precautions. Q: What is the admission price?
A: General Admission is $3 per adult and $3 per children 3 years of age and older. Admission for adults 60 and older is $1. Children 2 years old and younger are FREE! (The primary reason we charge anything at all is to cover the expense of all the straw, materials and labor used to set up and take down the Hollow each season) It is the cheapest fun you and your children can have and enjoy together!

Great for Cub Scouts, Brownie Troops, and birthdays!

Q:Are PETS allowed?
A: Due to insurance regulations we cannot allow pets in the Hollow or anywhere on the farm. Please do not bring any pets (or they must stay in your vehicle at all times). Thank you.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the farm or in the Hollow. No smoking or fires are allowed in the Hollow or on the farm.

Q:How long can we stay?
A: Everyone is welcome to stay at Norton Farm and in the Hollow as LONG AS THEY LIKE until the farmstand closes for the day.

Norton's Hollow is not open during the summer.

Q: Are there animals in the Hollow?
A: We try to have some animals for children to feed each year. We must borrow animals from friends of ours because we do not have the capability of taking care of the animals in the winter time and because veterinarian costs are too much to maintain farm animals throughout the year. We may not have animals for the first several days that the hollow is open because the people we borrow them from have not brought them to our farm yet. They bring them as soon as possible, depending on their personal schedules. Due to insurance regulations there is no DIRECT feeding from you or your childs hand to any animal. We use a tube feeding system where you or your child places the feed in a PVC tube which delivers the feed into the animals feed pan in their pen.

Q:Does Norton's Produce offer field trips?
A: We offer fall field trips for pre-school, kindergarten and 1st grade school children. Schools and teachers should contact Norton Farm at (630)377-8118 for information. Field trips are offered Mondays through Fridays. The cost per child is $6.00. It is recommended to schedule as early as you can because dates fill up fast!

Q:What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, credit, debit, personal checks. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Norton's Gift Cards.