Farm Fresh Products

Discover the great taste and value of Norton Farm produce.

Home Grown Popcorn

We grow our own POPCORN and sell it in a variety of sizes.

Our shelled popcorn is best when popped with a hot popper or equally as tasty when popped in oil in a pot on a stove. It is not recommended for microwave popping.

For microwaving try our "POPCORN ON THE EAR". This is an ear of our Red, White or Yellow popcorn that you put in a brown paper bag and place in the microwave and the popcorn kernels pop right off the ear! Kids and adults will love it!

Norton's Farm Fresh Honey

Our BEES are busy all summer long helping us by pollinating our vegetables and also producing excellent farm fresh honey.

We have honey available all summer.

Norton's Fall Items

Caramel Apples
Indian Corn

... and so much more!

Jarred Amish Goods
... and more!